A beautiful experience that gave me an overall sense of wellbeing and serenity. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you, Kathleen.

Hui Reccow

Fantastic workshop-nice balance of instruction and opportunities for self-discovery.

Charles Massaro

I was apprehensive to attend a past life party as I was afraid of what I would do or say or find out. It was really helpful when Kathleen told us that at this party we were only going to remember positive events. No one had ever been to a past life party before yet when it was over, everyone had been able to remember one. There was no pressure to share anything with the group, but everyone wanted to talk. Kathleen is kind and passionate about her work. Her voice was easy to listen to and she makes the whole process seem so natural and relaxed. It was very fun and non-threatening. I found myself thinking how it felt and what it meant for a long time afterwards.

Dr. Jill Shannahan, MD

Reverend Kathleen Shannon, Master Hypnotherapist, uses creative visualization and spiritual hypnosis to teach you how to access subconscious memories of other lives. She believes all hypnosis is self hypnosis, you allow it to happen and you are in control at all times. This hypnotic state is similar to a deep meditation, usually achieved through years of practice, in just one day.

Kathleen has been studying past life regression since 1965, and has been facilitating past life regressions as a certified hypnotherapist since 1994. She studied and traveled with Master Hypnotherapist Dick Sutphen for 5 years. He is a pioneer in the field of past life therapy and group regressions. Kathleen is a certified instructor for others to learn hypnosis and past-life regression, to be able to facilitate their own past life parties for others.

Contact The Reverend by email at kathleen444@gmail.com, text or call (949)422-4092. Reverend Kathleen will promptly and personally respond.

Meet the Regressionist

Client Testimonials

“Kathleen took me and my 2 friends through a past life regression and the experience was amazing. I learned so much from my past life that I'm still holding on to in this life which is going to help me release and let go of it!! What a gift!! Kathleen is easy to talk to and just us talking as a group was worth the experience. I will definitely see Kathleen again.”

Stacy Cashman

Super nice! Wonderful.

Lynn Osborne

Past Life​ Party

Kathleen is an intuitive healer, gently guiding our party of four deep within. We each experienced profound memories of another life, and we were touched by the fullness of love that we remembered, long forgotten. Thank you, Kathleen, for leading us on this beautiful journey. 

Julie Wells

I enjoyed your past-life party, meeting all the people and especially Dick Sutphen. You did a great job, and you are a terrific hostess.

Barbara Gilvary

“Kathleen took me to a past life that was holding a negative influence on me. With her guidance and knowledge I had a break through and gained great clarity. I now know how to change to better myself. Kathleen is an exceptional hypnotherapist and teacher. I look forward to working with her in the future.”

Brenda Rhodes

About having a Past Life Party

Sharing good times with family and friends while having a Past Life Party is not only fun, it's educational, rewarding and often, healing.  A Past Life Party is designed for a group experience, with each person perceiving a past life experience or scene of their own, all at the same time. Reverend Kathleen Shannon will teach everybody how to perceive one or more past lives. She will first explain why all hypnosis is self hypnosis, and how everyone goes into trance naturally on a daily basis. She will guide you in creating a similar alpha state, with relaxation and deep breathing exercises, chakra balancing and creating a sacred place in nature that is uniquely your own.

You will learn how to re-experience a past life that is influencing you now. You will each re-live valuable past-life scenes of your own, and also the last day of that past life. The purpose of your last day and funeral will be revealed as Reverend Kathleen concludes the regression by guiding everyone up into spirit, after death, where you can ask personal questions of your higher self and guardian angels. Here you will find out how the details you experienced in that particular past life tie in to your current life, as people you have known before have reincarnated with you into this time frame, and how your relationships have changed. Most feel the journey up into spirit is the most valuable part of the Past Life Party experience. You will be given extra time to share your experiences and ask questions.

Kathleen is a very gentle leader and it felt so natural and fun to remember my past lives as she coached us.

Joe Kingman

Past-Life Therapy and Hypnotherapy Certification from Sutphen Seminars and the American Board of Hypnotherapy are displayed at this link:  www.BenevolentHypnotherapy.com and here:


It was a lovely experience. I was able to get in touch with past lives by using different senses. I woke up with a sense of calm and feeling connected.

Shaw Strannahan

Thank you very much. This was a very moving experience and something I will never forget and has changed me. I am very grateful. I have a deeper sense of self.

Kelly Hamilton

Hours: 10AM - 1PM Sun-Wed, 11AM - 7PM Thurs-Sat   

I have attended two parties. It is a fast-paced group exploration of positive past-life events. I saw myself marrying a blond haired Scandinavian woman with her hair full of wild flowers in 1743. We lived in a small village with 2 children where I worked as a cobbler and made hand carved furniture. The regression details were amazing. Kathleen got me really deep, counting us up, singing, where I experienced a deja vu. After a quick hypnosis preparation session, Kathleen guided the group to experience being a guest, bride or groom in a past life wedding. Everyone received vivid impressions of a wedding they experienced in another lifetime.

Dick Sutphen

I got two past lives in great detail. In one I was very obedient and never left home even though I found love. I denied myself a full life out of duty. The other one was in the distant past, way before the other one. I saw it when we went up into higher self after the first life. When Kathleen took me up to the spiritual realm for the second time after the second life we were exploring, that’s when I really started to get it! With her help, I discovered a key element that has affected this life and others. I have a deeper understanding of who I am and why I am the way I am.  And now I can move forward and I feel freer.  But it sure feels good! 

Linda Martinez​