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Past-life Regression Parties in Orange County, CA. 
Explore past lives together with family and friends.

Share good times which are entertaining and educational. Past-life parties are designed for a group experience with everyone getting a past life of their own. Kathleen Shannon,
BCHt, master hypnotherapist, will teach you how to perceive one or more past lives. She first teaches you why all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and how everyone goes into trance naturally on a daily basis. She guides you how to create a similar alpha state, with relaxation and deep breathing techniques, chakra balancing and your happiest thoughts. You will next learn how to access a past life that is influencing you now. You will re-live positive, loving, past-life scenes of your own, and finally, the funeral of your past-life. The purpose of the funeral will be revealed to you as Kathleen concludes the regression by guiding everyone up to higher self, after death, where you will ask questions of your spirit guides and guardian angels. Here you find out how the details you experienced in your past-life tie into your current life. Many participants feel the journey up into spirit is the most valuable part of the experience. You will be given extra time to ask your own personal questions.

Kathleen says: "Having a past-life party with people you are close to can be very exciting and enlightening, adding many pieces to the puzzle of life's relationships, when you can see yourselves interacting with each other in the past."

Key to the success of this kind of gathering is having a well trained hypnotist that specializes in past-life regression. That is exactly what hypnotherapist Kathleen Shannon offers. Parties can take place in your home, community center or hotel room, or at the beautiful Awakenings Center for Conscious Living, in their intimate and private seminar room in Laguna Hills, CA, next to the 5 freeway at 25260 La Paz Rd., cross street is McIntyre. contact phone # (949) 422-4092 for hypnotherapist Kathleen Shannon. Call for a free, over the phone, consultation.

Call Kathleen Shannon, master past life regressionist,
at (949) 422-4092 for a free over the phone consultation. Go to for a much more extensive website, all about private sessions with spiritual or clinical hypnosis conducted by hypnotherapist Kathleen Shannon. Private sessions can include a Past-life Party format for one, as in a search for only positive past lives. Or you can request a more serious past life regression session, such as looking for a cause of a block to your success, or insight to access better health and promote healing. Also life-soul purpose from your life between lives can be revealed. Meeting your spirit guides and guardian angels is another advanced technique popular in private sessions. Hypnotherapist Kathleen Shannon is a registered Soul Spa Practitioner at the Awakenings Center for Conscious Living.


Past-life parties are perfect for book clubs and groups of all kinds including senior community clubsbirthday parties, friends getting together and family reunions. Your party starts with time for socializing, then Reverend Shannon will begin. She will explain the simple process, and help you get comfortable with the idea of time traveling with your own mind. She will instruct you to listen to the directions and the sound of her voice and to trust the first impressions you get! 

Here is exactly what procedure will be used to take you up into trance and from there take you into positive past lives: Everyone will get comfortable on the floor or couch or in their chairs after turning off cell phones. Please do not wear perfume, cologne or rustly materials or jewelry that makes noises. Freshly laundered eye pads will be available, mind electronics trance music will be playing, then Reverend Shannon will begin the induction. 

The first part of the induction will include deep yoga breathing, a protection of pure white god light, a gathering of angel protectors such as Archangel Michael. The group will be instructed to build a sacred place in nature to which they can return again. Everyone will be asked to imagine their happiest moment in their lives so far. In the first induction you will be asked to just make something up to experience the process for practice. You will be guided in a few different exercises to enhance psychic impressions.

The second part of the induction is a body relaxation and a chakra energizing-cleansing-and-balancing. There will be a counting down and then up into trance, and then you will be creating an access into past lives. For positive past lives, you will find yourself at a party. You will be asked to re-experience many aspects of this party, using all your senses. You will be guided to determine the country and time you are in.

You will be then moved ahead in time to other positive events such as a wedding, birthday party, anniversary or a birth of a healthy baby, somewhere you are interacting with friends and family members. You will be guided to your home to experience your lifestyle and you will be asked many questions about how you lived in that time.

Directions will be given to go up into higher self after experiencing your life and your own funeral. You will be able to see who comes to your funeral, but you will not re-experience your death scene. Then in spirit you will gain insight in how this past life influences your life today and if any of the people from your past life are in your current life now. You will be asked to notice how you still have a body and are still alive, after you know you died. 

Bono from U2 sings: "I'm not afraid to die, I'm not afraid to live."

If you are not afraid to die, then you won't be afraid to live your life to the fullest. You will feel no pain as you will not be reliving your death scenes. You may feel a lot of emotion, but that is good. It is the emotion you feel that will tell you these are real events that actually happened to you in the past, and also how you tap back into them again. The feelings in your body and soul are the pathways back to the past life event.

The purpose of hypnosis is to put your conscious mind, your ego, to sleep so you can open up the sub-conscious memories of your soul's history. The use of hypnosis is necessary to relax the critical ego or conscious mind in order to bring forward the past-life or parallel life memories that are stored in the sub-conscious and unconscious minds.

Hypnotherapist Kathleen Shannon will travel to your home, workshop location or hotel room, where she will facilitate the past-life regression and you will host the party. The party takes about 3 hours. Afterwards, every one's experiences will be shared, if desired, and questions answered.

If you do not have a venue or home where your friends can gather, you are welcome to come together at Kathleen's clinic where 6 people can experience this exciting event in comfort.

Everyone will be hypnotized as a group, and only positive, happy, rewarding past-life experiences will be invoked. All participants will be totally protected and the experience will be enjoyable. The ideas of karma and reincarnation will be presented, but you do not need to have a belief in reincarnation to have an experience!

Clear instructions will be given so you can record and remember your soul travel experiences. Practice sessions will begin the trance work so everyone understands how to perceive in the darkness of their closed eyes.